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Las Vegas Public Radio's Vice President & Business Manager Has Died

Sep 26, 2022, at 3:00 PM

Las Vegas Public Radio's Vice President & Business Manager Has Died

LAS VEGAS (LVPR) - On Friday, September 23, 2022, Mr./Sir Andrew D. LaPorta, the Vice President and Business Manager at Las Vegas Public Radio passed away. Andy was 77 years old. Andy was admitted to Mountain View Hospital on the morning of Wednesday, September 21, 2022 after not waking up from his sleep and was disgnosed with a brain hemmorage/stroke. Andy was taken off life support on Friday afternoon.

Andy was instrumental to bringing KIOF 97.9 FM to life in Las Vegas, Nevada, a Nielsen Top 30 market. He was also instrumental for the expansion of Las Vegas Public Radio's new station being built for KQQY 90.1 FM, a project he began in June and was working on daily right up until his death to continue serving Southern Nevada.

Andy has been at Las Vegas Public Radio since it's inception in late 2010 and later to "flip" the transmitter on for KIOF 97.9 FM back on January 9, 2016 during initial Program Testing at the North Las Vegas, Nevada facility. Ironically, Andy's last piece of work was with the team to remove the KIOF 97.9 FM antennas at the tower site in North Last Vegas of which he had been working with several vendors back on September 16, 2022 to secure.

Being a Husband, father and a U.S. Navy Veteran was no easy task for Andy. The work he had done at Las Vegas Public Radio will be cherished by many and the many that knew him. We do not let Andy's work go to waste with the continued build out of KQQY 90.1 FM that teams are presently working on with 48,000 Watts of pure FM power to serve Southern Nevada.

Everyone at Las Vegas Public Radio will miss Andy and we wish him god-speed. Semper Fi, Patriot.

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